TBC Response to Coronavirus, v3.0


Tabernacle Family,

We have all watched the events unfold over these past few weeks with increasing speed and intensity. These are uncharted waters in many ways as we journey through. Yet we are not without guidance from our Lord. How should we respond as the church of God?

I’d like to put several Biblical principles before you...Read more 



Please Note:

  • We will NOT be gathering together as a large assembly of over 20 people in our church building until allowed to do so by government permission.
  • This includes marriages and funerals, also limited to under 20 people.
  • Small groups are now using phone calls, texts, and video conferencing.
  • Our Wednesday night prayer meeting is through a zoom video conference. Email us for more information.
  • Please join us virtually by watching our YouTube channel, Tabernacle Baptist Church PKNY, for Sunday sermons and midweek messages.

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Available Videos From LifeWay
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• All Things New by Kelly Minter • Ephesians by Tony Merida • The Gospel of Mark by Lisa Harper • Help My Unbelief by Barnabas Piper • James by Matt Chandler • Life of a Jesus Follower by Vance Pitman • Nehemiah by Kelly Minter • The Power of God’s Names by Tony Evans • Praying at the Crossroads by Ken Coley • Redeemed by Angela Thomas-Pharr • Stronger by Angela Thomas-Pharr • When Godly People Do Ungodly Things by Beth Moore

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